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Онлайн тест для детей по английскому языку

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1. “How old are you?”
2. His jeans blue.
3. you ride a bike? “Yes, I can”
4. “Is there any ice-cream in the fridge?” No,
5. Where
6. “When is your Birthday?” “It’s Saturday.
7. Peter at 7 o’clock every morning.
8. “Where are the children?” at the moment.
9. There are people in the park today.
10. “Do you watching cartoons?” “Yes, I like them very much!”
11. Yesterday Mary and Bill shopping,
12. Giraffes are elephants.
13. to Australia, Jinny?
14. I like your cap. Where it?
15. “What do this weekend, Tom?” “I’m going to visit my grandmother.”
16. Most people think that this actor is a very - looking man.
17. We never such a big zoo before.
18. I can’t believe you liked the concert! I was so !
19. The boy the cake when his mother came into the room.
20. The film Avatar by John Cameron in 2004.

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21. Your best friend is coming to the party tonight, ?
22. If she it it.
23. After Jim and Carry their breakfast, they took their bags and went to the river.
24. Two men breaking into a house last night.
25. if I you, I put on the coat, because it is very cold outside.
26. If only you more time to spend with your family! I am sure they would be really happy.
27. I can’t find my keys anywhere. I lost them.
28. Jane is always poking her nose into other people’s businesses, she’s so , I find it really annoying.
29. I can’t move the sofa because it is very heavy. Can you me a hand with it, please?
30. The students don’t like their new math teacher at all, because he treats them they were elementary school children.
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